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Gateway Christian Academy has a great high school program! We are small enough to know each student by name, yet, large enough to offer a variety of programs and activities. Students who attend GCA find love, warmth and acceptance in an atmosphere where much is given and much is required.A full academic program is offered in grades 9-12, covering all the requirements for high school graduation. Advanced courses are available in Math, English, and Science. GCA also has a well-equipped Computer Lab with courses to prepare students for the technology of today. Bible courses, designed to teach the Word of God and principles of Christian living, are required at every grade level. Almost all GCA graduates go on to further their Christian education after high school and most attend four-year colleges and universities.The curriculum must match with God's Word in philosophy and content. GCA uses a variety of curricula in grades 9-12 to achieve this purpose and provide a well-rounded program of course study. A Beka Book is the core curriculum used throughout the school and is certainly the backbone of the high school as well. A Beka is used in Science, History, Spanish, and English Grammar. Bob Jones University Press material is used in Math and some selected courses, such as English Literature and Composition. The Bible classes are taught by using material from A Beka,and Positive Action for Christ.

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