How Can I Support the School

Frequently, I am asked by friends of Gateway, “How can I better support the school?”  Let me suggest 4 ways that you can support Gateway Christian School/Academy (all year-round):

1)      Pray for our ministry.  Right now, there are many plans being made for the upcoming school year.  Pray for wisdom and God’s leading in these plans.  Pray for enrollment of God’s choosing.  Pray for our students and their families.  Pray for our pastor, administration, faculty and staff.  Pray for God’s will in every aspect of our ministry.

2)      Encourage our faculty and staff.  We are blessed with an outstanding group of teachers and workers at Gateway!  Be an encourager to our faculty and staff.  People employed at GCS/GCA consider their job a real ministry.  Most could be making much more money, doing other things.  Let them know they are appreciated for their sacrificial service to the Lord and others. 

3)      Tell others about GCS/GCA.  It has been said that the best advertisement is by “word of mouth!”  We can advertise on the radio, in mail-outs, in the newspaper, and many other ways, but YOU are our BEST advertisement!  One simple way you can support this school is to tell your friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers about Gateway!

4)      Give a gift to the school.  We strive to keep our tuition affordable to the average-income family.  Tuition is designed to take care of most of our budgeted expenses.  However, we MUST have support through generous gifts and fundraising in order to have a healthy budget each year.  Any donation of money, materials, or labor is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support of Gateway Christian School/Academy!