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The middle school (grades 6-8) is an exciting area of our overall school program. These students, not little children anymore, deserve to be given greater privileges and responsibilities. At the same time, they are not yet high school students, so they are not given all the freedoms that might come with students in grades 9-12. This balance of age-appropriate privileges and responsibilities is maintained in the following ways:Students in grades 6-8 are designated as Middle School or Jr. High School. Students in grades 6-8 have a separate chapel time each week designed especially for this age group and their interests.Students in grades 6-8 have designated areas for gathering in the mornings and during lunch (keeping them separate from elementary and high school students).Students in grades 7-8 have more than one academic teacher. The students generally stay in one main classroom during the day and the various teachers rotate from class to class. This provides an experience similar to high school (different teachers) without all the confusion of switching classes every time the bell rings. Middle school students (grades 7-8) are eligible to try out for all high school sports on the Jr. Varsity level. Some 7th and 8th graders may actually be able to participate on Varsity level teams in certain sports.The courses taken during these years are geared towards preparing students for high school. Some students may even be able to take high school level courses while in middle school.Middle school students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Disciplinary procedures at this level are basically the same as with the high school, with slight modifications for age-appropriateness.A graded music program, including choirs, bands, and private piano lessons, is available to students in middle school.Students in grades 6-8 are going through vast change in their lives, academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. GCA teachers know that much love, care, and discipline must go into the training of students at this age. Teachers work closely with parents to achieve success in the lives of each middle school student during these formative years.Gateway middle school students use three main curricula. A Beka Book is used for most academic subjects, including English, History, Science, Health, Reading, Spelling, etc. Positive Action for Christ is used in 6th-8th grade Bible classes. Bob Jones Math is used in all math classes, beginning in 6th grade.

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