GCA is a great place for preschoolers and kindergarten students! We offer full academic programs for both, including extended daycare hours. The A Beka Book curriculum in used throughout preschool and kindergarten at Gateway. Classes are available for children beginning at age three. The K3 classes offer instruction in Letters and Sounds, Numbers, Phonics, Reading, Art and Bible. Many parents tell us their children learns more in GCA preschool classes than they ever thought possible for children at that age. Your child could be one of those getting off to a great start in GCA K3 classes too!The K4 class builds on knowledge learned in K3 and goes much further. Children at this age learn to do much more with their hands in writing skills. Your child will learn to write the alphabet (in cursive), write his/her name (in cursive), and write the numbers they learned in K3. These older preschool students will amaze their parents by the facts, poems, songs, and Bible knowledge they bring home on a weekly basis. Your child could amaze you too! Kindergarten is one of the strongest areas of all GCS programs. Gateway Christian Academy kindergarten students go far and above what is expected in most other schools. Your child will learn to read in kindergarten, by a solid phonics program designed by the educators at A Beka Book! Your child will learn to write in kindergarten! Not just print, but write in long-hand cursive writing! GCA began this program back in the early 1990's with outstanding results. Students will learn to add, subtract, and do other mathematical computations in kindergarten. Your child will learn more about the Bible than the average church going adult across America. Then, in early June, your kindergarten student will be part of a year-end program to show off what he/she knows with a formal cap-and-gown graduation!Discover the difference GCA can make in the life of your child.

Do you have an infant or toddler?  Click here to learn about Gateway's Early Childcare Center.


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